Association Duchamp
Villon Crotti

« Marcel Duchamp, Jacques Villon, Suzanne Duchamp,
Puteaux, circa 1950 »
— Robert Doisneau,
Gamma-Rapho/Getty images

The Association Duchamp Villon Crotti was founded
dby the heirs of the Duchamp family, to promote and defend
the Oeuvre and memory of the artists :

Jacque Villon 1875 - 1963
Raymond Duchamp-Villon 1876 - 1918
Suzanne Duchamp 1889 - 1963
Jean Crotti 1878 - 1958

Raymond Duchamp-Villon

1876 - 1918

Catalogue raisonné

The Estate of Raymond Duchamp-Villon is pleased
to announce the forthcoming Catalogue Raisonné
of the Complete Works by Raymond Duchamp-Villon.

Collectors, museums, and galleries, who own or have
owned artworks by the artist, are invited to contact us.

All information provided will remain strictly
confidential and requests for anonymity will be honored.

Bibliothèque Kandinsky, centre de documentation
et de recherche du MNAM/Cci, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris